Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ha Ha

Yesterday’s PZ Cuttlefish was an April Fool’s Prank.  And as much as I’d like to say I didn’t fall for it that would be lying.  I had doubts and was skeptical, but they had a really well-executed trick going. 

I will admit to feeling conflicted about it.  I would have missed the Cuttlefish (I’ve grown attached).  I comment on his blog far more than I do Pharyngula and would have missed the link in the online community.  However, I was excited to possibly be on the blogroll of Dr. Myers. 

I feel kind of dumb for falling for it, although I’m clinging to that 10% of me that didn’t quite buy it. 

I’m still rereading lots of Cuttlefish poetry this weekend.  And I’m glad that there are two people out there instead of one super being capable of everything from biology to poetry.  I was starting to feel lazy.   


  1. I take it as a flattering sign that I (and P-Zed) had earned that measure of your trust.

    I'm certainly ready to return to my comfortably small number of hits, though!

  2. This has taught me a lesson. From now on, I'm staying off the internet on April 1st. Also, Cuttlefish are tricky creatures.

    It was a fun prank, and I cannot remember the last time I fell for an April Fool's joke. I'd have to call it a humbling experience.

    I am glad you're you and PZ is PZ. I almost felt like the Cuttlefish had died. I was gonna go through a whole mourning period and everything. :)