Saturday, April 2, 2011

Plug and Game

Girl of the Gaps just posted a link to a fun online game.  The game is called Tower of Heaven.  The music is great, and I get all nostalgic over the big pixel graphics. 

It reminds me of my original Sega system.  No, not the Genesis-the actual Sega master system.  I remember when mine was all shiny and new and the graphics looked top of the line. 

Tower of Heaven sets your little character against a deity with an attitude problem (sounds familiar).  The deity attempts to make it ever more difficult for you to get to the top of his tower.  He makes new rules and acts like a jerk every chance he gets. 

It actually takes some dexterity to navigate the levels.  Since I’ve been playing those point and click puzzle/adventure games from BigFish on my computer and playing other games on my Wii, I’m afraid my old-school “w+d”= “jump left” skills are rusty.  I’m sure my skills will improve as I get more alcohol in my system (Don’t look at me like that.  It’s Saturday). 

And, no, this isn’t exactly the kind of critical thinking game I usually promote, but it is fun.  Sometimes, that counts for something.  And I like plugging good blogs when I get the chance (look to the right for blogs I read).

I didn’t need another game to play.  So, thanks Nicole.  I’ll plug her blog anyway.

Girl of the Gaps is an excellent blog.  I check her and the Digital Cuttlefish more than I check Pharyngula, which is saying something.  She’s an excellent writer and has lots of wonderful thought-provoking posts.  I wish I had half her smarts when I was her age.


  1. Wow, I didn't see this until today, but... just wow, thanks. I'm incredibly flattered to be grouped up there with the Digital Cuttlefish, and honestly, I'm just completely flabbergasted that anyone would check my blog more than PZ's. So, thank you. (And I'm glad you liked the game!)

  2. I really do like your blog. And I've had one or two people who read mine already tell me they've started checking yours.

    I'm fond of the smaller blogs, and like to see activity on those.

    The game is fun, until I feel like throwing my laptop through a wall. Some of those rules got annoying.

    Hope you had a great birthday.