Sunday, June 5, 2011

Personal Happy Post

So, I was all freaking out about my 29th birthday.  It’s one year from 30, boo hoo.  Woe is me. 

But apparently 29 is going to be an awesome year.  I got asked out while walking the corgi pup, I’m tan, I have a job, I got asked out again at an auto parts store, I figured out how to recharge the AC in my car all by myself, I helped start a community garden, I got a job, I got a Kindle (thanks Hubby), I found some wonderful art by a local artist, I got a job, a new accessory store opened in the mall, I have wonderful shoes, I got a job, and I got a job.  And all that’s been in the last ten days.  Seriously, I’m employed!  At an academic library!  I actually had to turn down another potential job in order to take this one.  How awesome is that? 

I met with the reference team and the Dean last Thursday.  They are such a cool bunch of people.  The Dean was helping move shelves for frack’s sake.  I’ve only met a few people in higher up positions willing to do grunt work.  It’s nice to see.  They’ve got so many things going on right now.  The library is getting some renovations, including some new tech.  I’m really excited about working at this place.  And I’m nervous.  I always do this.  I get nervous.  Then, the first day I’m all badass and sassy.  I’ll be fine.  I’ll post more about this once all the paper work goes through.

Oh, I also received a copy of The Digital Cuttlefish Omnibus for my birthday (thanks Mom).  In celebration of such fantabulousness, I am posting a pic of a truly geeked out collection of cephalopod paraphernalia. 

Yes, I will be wearing that necklace.
I'll be back soon with more library topics.  I'm in the middle of a few at home projects I need to get out of the way.