Monday, March 28, 2011

Update and a New To-Do List

I’m not going to promise a Monday Summary tonight.  I have several articles selected, but I’ve had a busy weekend and can’t seem to get the sleepies out of my system today. 

My mother-in-law had surgery Friday.  Doctors discovered she had breast cancer last year and she had a single mastectomy.  They finally decided to remove the other breast this year (after she asked and kept having calcifications).  Her chances of the cancer coming back are significantly lower with both breasts gone, so she had another mastectomy on March 25th.  We spent several hours visiting Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  She’s doing great.  She went home today and is handling things pretty well.  She’s still got quite a few treatments to finish up, but we think she’s out of the woods.  Her hair is also finally growing back-she’s got one of those pixie cuts going on right now.

My hubby was also on call last week.  He stays on call from 6am until 11pm for seven days straight.  It’s very annoying and stressful.  I’m just glad he’s not on call 24/7.  However, it made the weekend just that much crazier on an emotional level. 

And it’s frackin cold again.  It was all sunny and warm and then, BAM, freezing nights and lots of cold rain.  Crazy Kentucky weather.  *grumbles*

We did get our television fixed and my Mother is coming out tonight.  Mom, Hubby, and I may just veg out in front of the TV with zombie movies and popcorn.

I am going to leave a little to-do list up.  It tends to get my butt moving on my projects.  So, here’s what I’m working on for the blog:

·       Course Summaries:  My MSLS degree courses deserve some mention, so I’m putting together some VERY BRIEF summaries of the courses
·       Monday Summaries and Friday Fallacies
·       EBooks:  I’d like to post a few comments regarding eBooks in the future
·       Databases:  I’m going to review a database or two every week starting in a couple weeks
·       Information Literacy and Critical Thinking Course Syllabus:  I’ve got all sorts of ideas for course layouts I’ll be attempting to post
·       Research:  I’m working on updating a bibliography on video games and critical thinking.  I’m also looking into some other topics, such as information literacy and critical thinking in libraries, violence and libraries, etc.
·       Reference Questions:  Believe it or not, I get reference questions all the time.  I’m not employed as a librarian at the moment, but I still seem to be the go-to person for reference.  Hell, I have people I’ve never met sending me questions through friends and family.  I’ll be posting some summaries of the interesting ones with patron permission.

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