Wednesday, April 27, 2011

On top of storms and flooding, we get this

The Ohio River is flooding.  Paducah has put all the flood gates in place along the flood wall.  The river might get to near record levels.  I'm safe enough from the river, although our street flooded a few mornings back.  And some of the streets closer to the river were evacuated.

We've had nasty storms and strong winds.  The Hubby's folks are trapped in their tiny town.  All the roads to their town have been closed and the back roads are flooded.  Murray State University actually closed down yesterday due to the high winds, storms, and power outages.  And my Mother lost her favorite (and her puppy's favorite) tree.  It was a gigantic oak tree, and the wind just tore it up by the roots.  All's left is a big gaping hole in the ground. 

And on top of all this we just had another shooting on my street. 

And I come from a region of gun owners.  My husband is a gun owner.  So, I know the difference between gunfire and fire crackers (in case anybody wondered).  The neighbors also heard the shots.  Luckily, the cops are down the block on what looks like a drug bust in one of the apartment buildings.  I'm so sick of apartment living.

This wasn't that bad of a neighborhood.  We live near a main road, near the park for frack's sake.  The city of Paducah can't have more than 25,000 people.  And yet we have a rather constant crime spree down the side streets.  The people who aren't dealing illegal stuff are dealing in the legal drugs (mostly pain meds in this area).

People are crazy.  Why does anyone feel the need to fire off a gun in a residential area?  Oh, right, drugs.  I don't care what people do in the privacy of their own homes.  Really, I don't.  Just don't bring your crack/meth/pot dealing selves out in the street.  Stay inside and put the guns away. 

I was going to post some class summaries I had finally typed up, but you know what?  Screw it.  I'm going to bed (which is well below window level). 

If I manage to wake up in a less than uber-anxious state, I may post some actual library related write-ups before I head out with a friend to a chocolate tasting in Murray.  If I wake up scared out of my mind and freaking out, I'll be huddled in a corner all day with the corgi-pup (and the Hubby when he gets home from work).  I don't worry about the cats.  The cats can fend for themselves.

Oh, and before the gunfire, I linked to some more blogs (look to your right) related to library and information science topics.  Go read in your safe cozy homes and feel sorry for me.  I could use some sympathy right about now.  :(


  1. Sounds very stressful. I don't know if I could live like that.

  2. You know, after a while you kind of get used to it. Isn't that sad? We can't move until I find a job, so we're stuck here for a little while.