Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

Screwy Kentucky weather.  One day it’s forty, then it’s seventy; one night it’s thirty, the next night it’s sixty-something.  Grrrrr.  It literally gives me a headache and makes me want to stay under the covers all day.  Even on the warm days, we get gloominess-rain and clouds.   I don’t mind any of that except when it’s all happening within a 48 hour period.  Then, I get aggravated.  And the corgi-pup gets aggravated by the thunder.  She’s in my lap right now, which makes it uber difficult to type. 

I need to find a job in a tropical paradise or at least near a beach- I loves me some ocean.

Speaking of jobs, I’m still looking.  I don’t mind rejection as much as I mind the non-communication that’s become commonplace in job seeking.  I applied for a job back in November of last year, sent follow-up emails and have yet to hear back.  It’s kind of like a big “Fuck you!  You’re not even worth a rejection email.”  Seriously, people would rather get rejection notices than not hear anything at all.  It forces me to move on to the next round of job applications instead of pining away, hoping to hear something.

Anyone recently graduated from library school understands my frustration.  Library Journal has talked about the job market for new librarians, and I’ve run across a few posts on librarian blogs about it.  It’s taking anywhere from a year or two for new graduates to find work.  In my geographic area it’s much worse.  There are few libraries and fewer positions.  Factor into that high unemployment and retirement postponement by current librarians, and the well gets bone dry around here.

Sorry for the rant.  I’m sure I’ll find something.  I’ve got some awesome experience as far as instruction goes (which I should probably be blogging about), and that helps when looking for reference and instruction positions.  I’ve also got some mad research and reference skills.  I got so many compliments from the staff and students at my library gig (and sometimes hugs, which is so cool).    And of course, I’m damned determined to end up in a place where I can drive home the importance of information literacy and critical thinking skills.  We need more critical thinkers on this planet!

I’m going to be sending off another round of applications soon.  Wish me luck! 

Friday Fallacy will be up later tonight.


  1. Good luck with your job search!

    It's not the same really, but I'm starting the grand adventure of applying to grad schools and for some research gigs, and it is terrifying. And with the job market the way it is, I haven't got many fall-back options if I don't make it, given that my undergrad will be basically useless.

  2. Well, sometimes grad degrees can be useless. I have a BA, MA, and MS and just got another rejection letter today. Of course, my BA is in poetry and my MA in literature. I should have been a math major. I'm grumpy.

    I'm sure things will pick up, and I'll find work soon.

    And you won't have trouble getting into grad school. Don't worry. I've read your blog. You're well-spoken and have a level head.

    I don't want to sound too grumpy. I'd better say something nice about school.

    Graduate school is a joy for several reasons. It's not just about getting work after the degree. I have had so many wonderful research experiences and encounters with others in my fields of study. It also gives you a chance to move from student to peer in your field. It's a hell of a transition.